Descartes Meditation 6 Essay

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Meditation 5 is on the essence of material things and the existence of God once more. In which Descartes finally sums up his thought of God’s presence. He then is able to explain his audience the importance of God in his philosophical theory. Descartes consider how truth can be found by analyzing example of things, not paying much attention of if those examples exist. Descartes’s way of warning his audience about his proof of God’s existence is that just because we imagine God that does not mean God’s presence relies upon our thinking about this. Descartes’s sets a clear example, he brings math in perspective by saying that hypotenuse is the sum of 2 other sides of the triangle and that can be proven through the theory of Pythagorean theorem. Now that it is discovered, one does not need to go back get look for proof of this theory. One must accept it and move on. Similarly, Nature is one of God’s existence examples and one does not need to go back and track the proof of nature. Thus, we do not need to worry about demon-implanting thoughts in our mind. We must put aside the demon…show more content…
In which Descartes builds refinement between physical body and mind. Through this approach in mind, Descartes’s feels he can feel his existence through materialist things in life. He can now tell apart from his imagination and alertness in his soul and can think his thoughts apart. Creative ability needs a body, intellection does not; subsequently, creative energy is not part of the ideal of brain. He concurs the fact that though body can live without brain vise versa however, in God’s existence the two work hand in hand. For example: our body is able to sense the pain its given and that is because our brain sends signals to the right nerves in our body. One can ignore the pain yet the body will experience. Just like one can ignore to practice God but God’s existence wont be
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