Descartes 'Problem Of Error'

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In the beginning of Descartes fourth meditation he focused on the three main ideas. He believed that God exists, God is not a deceiver, and that he is one of Gods creations and that God is responsible for everything. Descartes believed that the God existed and that he was not a deceiver but he began to have doubt and started to explore the problems that he felt were associated with the things God created, “if everything that is in me comes from God, and he did not endow me with a faculty for making mistakes, it appears that I can never go wrong”. This issue, is the “Problem of Error”. If you agree that the faculty of judgment comes from God, and that God is a non-deceiver then you would also believe that the end would be impossible for the faculty of judgment to to be wrong. Is it even possible for anything from God not be the truth or…show more content…
He also stated that “For since I know that my own nature is very weak and limited, whereas the nature of God is immense, incomprehensible and infinite, I also know without more ado that he is capable of countless things whose causes are beyond my knowledge”. Descartes believed that it is his mind that prevents him from understanding why God gave him the chance to create human error. The model of descartes human error problem does not succeed because nothing can be seen or perceived without the mind, and the mind is everything for us at the moment. Altough the physical body and the mind are different both are controlled by the mind. This means that even thought descartes can not see God he still believe in him, and anything that have anything evil like actions who knows it did not come from God. So in the end Descartes arguments may appear convincing but with the propers resources and plenty of research this leaves Descartes problem of error
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