Descartes Radical Program Research Paper

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How do you feel about Descartes radical program for modifying his belief system? I believe Descartes’s radical program was an ingenious idea. Descartes engages an essential strategy that aims to overthrow skepticism on its own field. He promotes skeptical essential processes of reasoning in addition to doubting the evidence of the logics and cultural misconceptions. It would truly be undeniable and can be considered a solid foundation of knowledge if a specific fact can stand his test. The belief of love was always there to keep me hopeful for happiness, but in my many experiences love is just what people do to make them feel better. It’s the thought of what we’ve listened to and watched. Wanting a happily ever after, and two people caring…show more content…
World peace was always something I looked forward too throughout my life until recently. Humanity has its ups and downs, from uniting in wars to killing for power. World peace to me is coming together as world nations to live our lives as neighbors. World peace is indeed possible, but the question is whether the people actually wanted it. Instead of offering war, destruction, violence, and crime we should offer equality and should join together and obtain peace with one another. If we could all just sit down and talk about how humanity can get peace without disagreeing with one another or pursuing war on one another, we can get the same thing we are asking for which is peace. 
We must defeat our problems; we must acknowledge our problem and work together as a team instead of individuals. I’ve realized world peace cannot transpire. I believed in justice and humanity but I’ve come to realize, justice is not one…show more content…
In this day and age, even if war is at a decline, individuals are what make it not possible. Unless every person in the world wishes goodwill of his parallel man and to seek to support and help him could world peace be existent. Anger, greed, and ignorance would overcome that pledge to peace and turn it into harsh disaster and takeover good intentions. Humans are very different in how they contemplate and feel. Getting billions of people to be harmonious in thought philosophy something the mind cannot fathom. Humans are different with so much diversity and culture. If one had the power and money to begin a statement for peace, they would have to go about it with all the different factors of culture and society. If there was a system to speak to all of the factors leading to dispute, that all peoples would be contented and satisfied, and then sustained firmly with no twisting of words, advertising, clandestineness, then world peace would be much closer in reach. Each individual has their own beliefs, values, thoughts and feelings; a single person’s questioning and conflict would be all that it takes for
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