Describ White Women: Article Analysis

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This paragraph from the article interests me because it shows the power and influence of the west onto China, and how that affects the people into being consumed by the advertisements they see everyday. In my opinion, it is true that Western models are considered superior and better looking even in today 's society all around the world. For example, in the passage Johansson states: “In discussing ads with young women in Beijing and Guangzhou they sporadically referred to the Western models in the ads as 'hao piaoliang’ (real pretty) or 'zhen meilide’ (so beautiful), and explained that the large number of Caucasian models as a simple matter of them being beautiful” (Johansson 381). Through growing up and definitely being influenced by mass media, if I were to be asked to…show more content…
White women are perceived by the media to be a class above when it comes to beauty, and they are able to instill that idea into the heads of whoever consumes their advertisements. So this could also result in specific viewers (women) wanting to be like those white women they see. Even as I think about it now, all the television shows I have loved and watched throughout my life consist of beautiful white women in the lead female roles. This passage mainly interests me because of my connection with it; everyday people (including myself) usually rely on magazines, newspapers, television, or social media for information about what is going on in the world. What can definitely be seen is that the advertisements created for everyone are meant to make connections with us. These advertisements that appear in the media have a really significant influence over people 's lives; we all look to those advertisements for a sense of direction or guidance on how to perceive the world. Advertising in the media potentially plays a major role in shaping public attitudes and perceptions because most audiences (including myself) are passive; we accept whatever we are shown and that influences our opinions on what we

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