Describe 12 Characteristics Of Anger: Causes, And Emotions

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1. Describe anger

Anger is an emotion that is expressed in response to an outer stimulus that causes negative feelings because of hurt, betrayal, disappointment, deception, etc. Spencer (2016) describes twelve characteristics of anger. Firstly, the emotion is normal, legitimate, universal, yet confusing. Secondly, anger is unpleasant as persons experience pain and it can bring on more pain. Thirdly, the person 's heart rate increases, breathes faster, blood pressure increases, while sugar and adrenaline are released into the blood to prepare for fight or flight. Fourth, it is a secondary emotion that starts with a trigger event, followed by fear resulting in the emotion of anger. Fifth, anger is not a behavior, it is an emotion that remains neutral. Sixty, Anger may lead to other actions which may cause more problems; Seventh, anger affects communication between people, Eight, anger is infectious as other people may become angry. Ninth, anger is difficult to get rid of. Tenth, new anger can grow from old anger. Eleventh, anger is dangerous as it can affect persons both external and internal. Finally, anger can be positive, since it can help individuals to see the problem to solve it (p.6).
2. Describe conflict

Conflict according to Spencer (2016) is "a striking together or moving apart when there are two or more needs or values that are incompatible or are believed to be incompatible". It is considered a normal, unavoidable, unnecessary, disruptive,
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