Describe A Cathedral In Carver's Cathedral By Raymond Carver

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How would you describe a cathedral to a person who would never be able to see one? In Raymond Carver’s Cathedral, the narrator has to find a solution to this question. The narrator meets his wife’s blind friend, Robert, dreading the rest of the evening. He is constantly surprised by Robert who fails to meet his expectations about blind people, and after an evening not sure how to act around Robert, the narrator turns the television on. A late-night program about cathedrals is on. The narrator, realizing Robert cannot see the pictures of cathedrals on the screen attempts to describe what a cathedral looks like. However, he finds himself unable to find the words to properly describe one, so Robert suggests drawing one together, and by sharing…show more content…
When talking about his wife’s background, he describes a time when she attempted suicide with no concern and a complete lack of emotion. He simply says, “But instead of dying, she got sick,” which makes him sound mockingly disappointed. This humor is also visible when the narrator talks about the death of Robert’s wife, Beulah. He talks about her having cancer like it was no big deal, and then proceeds to talk about how awful it must have been for her to never receive compliments about her physical appearance from her blind husband. He also called her pathetic because, she left Robert with “a half of a twenty-peso Mexican coin,” and that the other half stayed with her (Carver). During dinner, the narrator announces that he is going to pray and simply prays that their dinner will not be interrupted by the phone ringing. Later in the night, Robert and the narrator discus the narrator’s job and his dislike of it. After Robert inquires if he is going to keep his job even though he does not like it, the narrator responds with, “What were the options,” which is surprising and funny because he met this man less than twenty-four hours ago

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