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When I was asked to describe myself in one word, it was really hard to choose a certain word because I could think of many adjectives to describe myself. I would put numerous descriptions of my character trait, but since I could only limit myself to only one word, I would call me funny. According to the Online Oxford English Dictionary, funny means: “Humorous, comical, fun; causing laughter or amusement.” ("Funny, adj., n2, A1"). I guess without even trying, I am quite a funny person. It is just a part of my personality for me to behave, think, and react in an involuntarily funny way whenever I converse with my peers. The way I behave makes me seem like I’m a funny person without even trying. I guess whenever I talk to someone…show more content…
Being funny makes me feel creative in a way that I would only understand. From time to time now, my little sister always says “Brandon, how do you always think of these weird things so fast?”, and I always tell her that it’s whatever puts on in the mind I say. Then she told me that I was the most creative person that she ever talks to because of the way I think. I feel like I react differently than some people because I look at the bright funny side of any situation that could be good or bad. I would say that would make me an optimist because it’s like I see “the glass half full”, instead of looking at the down side. I would try to get a good laugh from a bad situation, so it doesn’t hurt as much when I really know how bad it is. Sometimes if I’m trying to be funny on purpose, I would over react at some of the most irrelevant things just to get in a good laugh for myself. For instance, it’s like whenever my sister accidently steps on my shoe, I would react in such an overcompensate type of way. I would only do that so she feels bad, but she would know that I am joking. I react the way I do, so I could get over the bad things that happens and it helps me move on more

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