Describe A Hero In 'Unbroken'

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Unbroken, pgs. 1-80 Some events that do not describe a hero in Louie Zamperini in the novel Unbroken is when he was young he stole anything edible, and he also ran away often. Louie was a kid that snuck into games and was letting people get in for free. Louie started to drink at the age eight. Another thing Louie did was rob people he had stashes of food loot and even alcohol; he would spit spit balls around the class and his teacher would make him stand in the corner so he deflated his teacher's car tires. Usually hero’s have good grades always follow rules never do anything bad, but Louie was the complete opposite you would not expect anything good from a kid like him. Zamperini did many bad things, as he got older he started

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