Describe A Memorable Day

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We can’t explain our memorable day the exactly the way it happens. People just close their eyes and started to imagine the day. It’s not the same thing writing down than being there where it had happen. A memorable day could be an event, date, or even a gift you got. People may not see your memorable day as one to remember, but people have different kinds of memorable day. It doesn’t mean you can’t have one memorable day or neither to make you have one. Mine is when my family went for the first time to a restaurant called Hal’s. It was a Monday afternoon, my brothers and sisters were playing outside, my mom was cooking, I was watching television, and my dad was working. Some of my brothers and sisters would always wait for my dad and run towards him. We loved our dad…show more content…
My brother saw his truck coming and he told us, so I got up and combed my hair because when I got up my hair got a little messy. Sergio came with a gray Nissan truck, a blue charger car, and a red dodge intrepid car. Sergio surprised us because he told my dad that the red dodge intrepid was for us. Sergio asked us where we wanted to go, if we wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese or to Hal’s that was kind of the same as Peter Piper Pizza. We decided to go to Hal’s because we didn’t know and we wanted to know how it was. I decided to go with my dad in the new car Sergio got us. So we took us like 20 or 30 minutes to get there. Everyone was excited to get there and when we got there everyone sat down at the table. Our family would like to get regular coke and some pizzas for everyone. Sergio’s family ordered different dishes and different cokes. At Hal’s there were games such has Peter Piper Pizza but different games to play. Sergio got us a card for each one of us to play. Meanwhile, my brothers and sisters were playing the games while the pizzas are ready. Pizzas were getting here so I started to call my brothers and sisters for them to come
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