Sleep Deprivation Report

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The following are 2 accounts of vividly recalled nightmares experienced. The first one has been reported by Michaelis while the second by Kristiona (names changed for the purpose of maintaining confidentiality) “The dream started off as a pleasant one. In this dream, I was sleeping. I had just been woken up by my mother (still in the dream). I felt like I had the best sleep in ages and felt very rested and relaxed. I looked around and everything around me seemed normal but pleasant at the same time. It is possibly due to the good sleep. Then, in an instant, an intensely harsh din could be heard. I was not sure what it could have been. Yet it provoked an apprehension like no other. From my moment of ecstasy, I was thrown into terror. Consequently,…show more content…
Sleep deprivation is a concept understood as being devoid of the basic sleep requirements. Being deprived of sleep is something on the rise, especially today. There are various reasons for the cause of sleep deprivation. Medical issues could be the underlying cause for sleep deprivation, according to Bianchi (2013) namely issues like restless leg syndrome. Those suffering from restless leg syndrome complain of uncomfortable or painful sensations or urges to move their legs. This sensation does not subside with one resting it out. Bianchi (2013) argued that for other age groups, there are numerous items identified as causes of sleep deprivation. They can range from improper sleep hygiene to circadian rhythm disorders and even to psychophysiological insomnia. (Bianchi, 2013) Technology is one domain that sees growth every day. In terms of causing one to be sleep deprived, the introduction of the smartphone in particular is a leading cause of reduced sleep quality. Susan Scutti (2017) reported that the findings of a study by Marcus et al. revealed that participants engaged in smartphone use for a total of 38.4 hours over a 30-day period. Those with a longer average screen time had a higher likelihood to experience poorer sleep quality and less sleep overall (Scutti,…show more content…
One suffers from headaches, bodily pains, muscle fatigue and even lethargy is at a high. One becomes increasingly susceptible to disease acquisition because of decreased functioning of the immune system. Obesity too has been connected to sleep deprivation. This could be possible due to the fact that sleep deprivation has a correlation with increased appetite too. A lack of sufficient sleep time can result in a drop in performance, reduced attention span and memory loss. It has even, in many cases, been linked to depression. One can say that the relationship between sleep and behavior is a negative one; the more sleep one is deprived of, the worse our behavior becomes. People are known to have had multiple episodes of irritability, frustration and even aggression with reduced amount of
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