Describe A Place My Dream

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The suburb of the big city, at the edge of a small forest, besides the 200 feet square of hill, there are few houses randomly distribute on the wide open space. Ancient small wooden house should be look nice, but scrub and tall weeds now covered the surrounding, yellowed lawn which was not clean for a long time. Perhaps the owners are busy about his carrier and no time to do cleaning or maybe lazy. However, there is always an elegant white wooden house which is located around the middle of the field, 700 feet is saying “hi” to me. Although walking from white house to the green hill takes around 15 minutes and especially when cycling up the hill, there is a liquid flow out from face to the ground, it still cannot stop me to go to the beautiful and peaceful hill. These kind of places are so meaningful because they are natural and can get away from hectic lifestyle. I used to go with my neighbour, Joyce to there every evening after finish our homework every sunning day. I liked to go there and lay down on the grass, feel the wind, enjoy the sunset, smell the fragrance of flower and watch the leaves dancing. However, this place which exotic enough to take off my life from my hectic life is only my dream. Driving straight 200m from the Ayer Keroh toll, pass by recreational forest, McDonald on right, followed by Melaka zoo on the left, then a place that progress become second Melaka city centre, MITC, and last PETRONAS petrol station with a row of 60 shops on the right. Turn in
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