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Did you know Brendon Urie was in a band during high school? This research paper is on the singer in a well known band Panic! At the Disco. In this paper you will learn about Brendon Urie 's childhood. You will learn about his accomplishments. Also, you 'll learn about what he has achieved. Brendon Urie is one of the best singers. Brendon Urie was born on April 12th 1987, he is 29 years old. He was born in St. George, Utah and raised in Summerlin, Nevada. Brendon Urie had ADHD. The teachers didn’t know until they called his mother and they would ask "What did you give your child?" His mother would defend him and tell them about his ADHD. During high school, he played in a band. After graduating, he almost immediately got a record deal…show more content…
Brendon Urie is married to Sarah Orzechoski (Urie). They got married on April 27th of 2013 . Brendon Urie has no children. Brendon Urie is a multi instrumentalist he can play several instruments. Brendon Urie and his band contributes to a lot of things for example the cancer research in the U.K. in honor of David Bowie. He also contributes to Roger Taylor, Freddy Mercury, and Frank Sinatra. Brendon Urie has four family members (Matt Urie, Mason Urie, Kyla Urie, Kara Urie.) His parents are Boyd and Grace Urie. Some of Brendon Urie 's famous quotes are "There 's the ides that you can 't truly know sadness so how can you really heal yourself unless you hurt yourself." "I 'm still figuring out who I am but I know I 'm not who I was" and the last on is " What, are you mad? Are you staring at me because my umbrella is more manly than yours is?" In this paragraph I 'm gong to compare Brendon Urie to Drake. Brendon is twenty-nine Drake is thirty. Brendon have won seven awards and Drake has won sixty-seven. Brendon 's genre of music is pop, rock pop, pop punk and, baroque pop Drake 's genre of music is hip-hop, contemporary, and R&B. Brendon 's net worth is four million dollars Drake 's net worth is one hundred and one million dollars. Brendon is married with no kids Drake is not currently married and without kids. Brendon and Drake have both one hundred and

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