Describe Child Abuse

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There are various forms of abuse when it comes to children. Many are physically marked, seen with the naked eye. Others, not so much when it comes to behind closed doors. Abuse comes in many shades, many methods and can be noticed if looked for carefully. The most common forms of abuse are physical, sexual, emotional/psychological and neglect. Any of these can take the innocence from a child quickly, and leave deep, dramatic scars.
Physical abuse is what most people think of when they think of child abuse. Physical abuse can mean many different things; burns, lacerations on the body, unexplained fractures and repeated injuries such as bruises, welts and burns. Sexual abuse can also have different meanings as well. Some think sexual abuse is when the child has been raped or molested, but there are other instances where it is considered sexual abuse. For example, telling dirty jokes or stories, forcing a child to undress in front of them, showing them pornographic material, making them pose or
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For emotional abuse a child can show withdrawn, fearful or anxious about doing something wrong, doesn’t seem attached to the parent or guardian and has strong behavior changes. Physical abuse can show signs of always being watchful, afraid to go home, and frequent or unexplained injuries. Sexually abused children can show signs of trouble walking, standing or sitting, or displays knowledge or interest in sexual performances unfitting to his or her age, or even seductive conduct. Children being neglected can show signs of bad hygiene, regularly missing or late to school, clothing not fitting or appropriate for weather and often left alone and unsupervised. Just because a child is showing these signs doesn’t always mean they are being abused. Documenting and reporting these instances every time will help determine that and put the child into a safe place if they are being
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