Describe Eating Disorders

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Describe how eating disorders can be viewed as multi-determined disorders.
Eating disorders can be viewed as multi- determined disorders based on many different factors within a persons life. The combination of societal pressures, individual and family factors all put pressure on an individual to be thin and beautiful within the community. With having so many factors that can contribute to the development of an eating disorder it becomes viewed as a multi-determined disorder. Society is one of the main reasons that eating disorders can be mutli-determined disorders because of the pressure that can be placed on men and women within society. People within society have pressures put on them to look a certain way to be “attractive” to the world. People with eating disorders feel the pressure that society puts on them to act a certain way, look a certain way and even eat certain things or not eat certain things.
Another factor that makes eating disorders a multi-determined disorder is based on the individual themselves. The person that may suffer from an eating disorder can have very low self esteem, being influenced by what the media and society may be telling them about having to be thin to be pretty or happy.
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Many people who are classified as binge eaters tend to be big dieters. These people tend to diet to be able to eat more so that they are able to maintain a certain weight that they would like. The dieter goes to extreme lengths to try to be able to reach a goal weight that they want to achieve, while doing so they may reach extreme hunger. Many people who begin to diet are doing this for a reason that they believe that they need to loose weight and be in-control of their body. These people usually have psychological issues related to emotional eating, people with depression tends to cause weight gain in dieters because of their impulses that they have with
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