Describe Four Social Arrangementss

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Question 1) In your own words (as always), define gender identity, gender role and (from Chapter 9) sexual orientation, ensuring that your definitions express the difference between them. Tell me your gender identity, then provide some examples of your gender role. Gender identity is how a person perceives themselves as being either male or female. This would include a person being able to distinguish their gender. Gender identity is a personal definition and recognition of being male or female as well. An example of this would be a young boy knowing that he is indeed a boy and different from any female he may notice. This recognition would be an internal process of how a person relates to themselves. A gender role is how a person presents themselves to others as being either male or…show more content…
Four social arrangements through which young adults engage in sexual relations are marriage, cohabitation, extramarital sex in a monogamous marriage, and consensual extramarital sex. Marriage is a union between two people. Many couples are deciding to wait before entering this union. However, married couples now are also more likely to be more adventurous in their sexual interactions. Cohabitation is when two people choose to live together. This social arrangement is becoming more common. Some couples see this arrangement as a stepping stone to marriage. Up until recently, cohabitating was looked down upon. This has changed as there are more children also being raised by parents who live together and are not married. Extramarital sex in a monogamous relationship is usually an affair by either or both of the people who are part of a married couple. Some people consider only sexual relations to be an affair. Women tend to consider emotional affairs to also be as upsetting as sexual affairs. A disappointing marital life is a common reason for an
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