Narrative Essay: My Bulgarian High School

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My school was a bunch of students spreading rumors and surfing social media even in classes when teachers weren’t looking.
My Bulgarian high school was different than the typical American high school. The building was old, on two floors. There were sections of plaster that have fallen off the walls. The roof was leaky during heavy rains. Most of the windows had security bars and there were cameras in the hallways, just like in a maximum security prison. Walls had stains. All school desks in the classrooms were full of random drawings some of which were even inappropriate, made by people with no talent at all. Whenever a student went through the main entrance, the whole school hall would send a chill down their spine. Couples that were making out would always catch your eye. They looked like they couldn’t care less about the jealous singles staring at them. Often you could spot a big crowd of boys, talking and laughing loudly in the middle of the hallway. Those were the volleyball players. We never had a string volleyball team. I always wondered what kind of jokes could their empty heads put together. Of course, let’s not forget to mention the geeks and nerds - the ones you pick on in high school and end
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I decided that I should be popular. “It shouldn’t be that hard!”, I said to myself. One night I even googled “How to be popular”. The first step was my appearance. I got a new haircut and new clothes. More people started liking my facebook pictures. I turned into one of those people obsessed with likes. I know… you have the full right to judge me. I became more talkative and found friends. I had two girlfriends. I became a leading actor in a school comedy movie. Also, I was voted to be school parade flag-bearer. That had always been my dream. I was so happy. But I was still not as “cool” as some other guys. There was still a nerd inside me. And I was okay with that. At least my reputation was okay. There weren’t any rumors about
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