Reflection On My English Subject

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My favorite subject has always been english, I was never a fan of math, especially when it came to high school and college. My english teachers in high school did not helped me at all. They never taught us how to write a thesis, how to organize our ideas and how to improve our vocabulary. All the teachers would do is assigned a book to read and write a paper on what it was about. We never got the chance to write about a topic we were interested in or talk about our opinions on a certain topic. I feel like high school is just a waste of time, all they would say the four years is that in college we would have to write four to five papers, but they never showed us how. Now that I had finished my first semester here at Daley, I sort of know how to write a proper paper by the writing process that I had created when I took English 100.…show more content…
In the outline I start by developing a hook following up with an introduction. Then I establish a thesis statement, after that I begin with the first body paragraph topic sentence. Once I write the topic sentence of the first paragraph I then develop three supporting ideas. I continue the same steps until I get to the conclusion where I write the main point of the essay which is almost a similar paragraph that links back to the introduction. This process really helps me organize my ideas and when I was taking English 100, I used it and I would always get a 90% or higher on my papers. I can’t never write a paper starting with nothing, I need to always create the outline. It's always easy to create the outline first because after being done with it, all I have to do is just put it all together into paragraphs and add more ideas to
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