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Growing up in an Italian home, there was always food in the house. My mother loved to cook and bake for her family. Now that I am an adult and have a son, I want him to be able to grow up the same way I did. Every time my mother would be in the kitchen baking some desserts, I was very eager to help just so I could like the spoon when she was finished. Once I got older, I started to bake on my own and carry on the tradition.

After dinner I begin to make dessert. One dessert I tend to always have in my house is cookies. To make cookies from scratch, there are a couple steps in order to make the cookies. Step one would be to gather all the ingredients and all the utensils. The ingredients would consist of: brown sugar, cane sugar, salt, flour, vanilla extract, eggs, butter, and
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I then mix the softened butter into the sugar and stir until the sugar is gone. Once I have mixed the sugar and the butter together, I add the eggs in at once and lightly beat the eggs. I then add the rest of the ingredients and stir until the batter is smooth and there are no clumps. Once the batter is done being mixed, I add the chocolate chips to the…show more content…
I then grab my cookie sheet and spray it with a nonstick spray, so my cookies do not stick to the bottom of the cookie sheet. Scoop the batter into the cooking sheet, spacing the balls of dough roughly two inches apart. Once they are spaced out on the cooking sheet, I put them in the oven for about seven to ten minutes. While the cookies are baking, I use that time to wash the dishes I used. I usually like my cookies to be a little harder than usual, so I wait until they are golden brown before taking them out. Once the cookies are done, I then take them off the cookie sheet and place them to cool on a cooling
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