Describe How To Prevent Eczema

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How to prevent eczema

Avoid drying out skin
One should avoid washing too often with soap and water. Many people who have dry skin can not stand to bathe or shower more than every other day. It is more gentle on the skin with a short shower than a bath. When you want to swim, you can drop a little unscented bath oil in the bath water. Pat dry skin gently rather than rubbing it dry.

One should use a mild soap and avoid overly perfumed products. For example, the oil well to dissolve dirt without drying out the skin. At the pharmacy is different washing creams and shower and bath oils for dry and sensitive skin. One should be careful with conditioner and other hair products that can cause itching of the scalp.

If you have bracelets or rings in which one should rinse thoroughly and dry for them to remove soap residue that can irritate the skin.

Do not be
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One should also avoid the substances that he have triggered the eczema in the first place, such as detergent or jewelry that contains nickel. If you have eczema on your hands, you can use plastic gloves when one drives or doing other work where you have much contact with water. If you have cotton gloves during held hands dry.

Sun and sea bathing can help
Eczema is often improved by the sun, but one should consider to sunbathe carefully and avoid burns. Skin with eczema is extra sensitive and easily become dry and thin. For some, bathing in salt water make eczema better.

Avoid too warm clothing
One should avoid dressing too hot, because you can get the itch when sweating. Ideally, you should wear cotton clothes next to the skin. Wool clothing can cause irritation and itch and synthetic clothing can make the skin feel trapped and sweating. It can be good to have starved in the bedroom and use a thin blanket.

If you have atopic dermatitis and much trouble with itching, there are pieces of specially treated silk that you can
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