Describe Marilyn Monroe's Life

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Remembered as the elegant blond red-lipped bombshell iconic singer, actress and sex symbol of the 1950s. Her talent and legacy is still carried on by her highly legendary pop painting and influential flying skirt photos. Her name was Marilyn Monroe. She was only 36 when she was found face down dead in her Los Angeles home on August 5th 1962. The official coronas report stated that Hollywood’s face had gone through a suicide by swallowing 40 barbiturates which caused her stomach line to haemorrhage intensely enough that she couldn’t last long enough for the ambulance to arrive. But was this the full story? Multiple voices including Clemens the first police officer in the scene have called out to multiple suspensions which insist that Marilyn’s…show more content…
But can this word describe Marilyn’s surroundings? One theory suggests that Marilyn wanted to attempt a fake suicide in order to gain more fame. She had told Peter Lawford her actor friend the ridiculous plan. Peter shared this plan to his brother-in-law John F Kennedy. Who was known for his affairs with Marilyn. The Kennedys agreed to the plan and persuaded Dr Ralph Greenson her psychiatrist and Eunice Murray her housekeeper to also help orchestrate her death. Greenson had given Marilyn tablets and told her that theses could be pumped out of her stomach easily. However Marilyn didn’t know that both of them were siding with the Kennedys. After Marilyn swallowed the tablets Murray and Greenson didn’t call the ambulance as planned instead they waited until she died. To create more suspicions the official statement on her death given by Murray couldn’t be reliable since she had changed her testimony multiple times. For instance her second testimony stated that she found Marilyn’s body at around midnight and called Marilyn’s publicist first. Was she told what to say? Coincidentally after the incident she flew over to Europe for a vacation. I doubt that she had the kind of money did the government sponsor her so she could shut her mouth and why did the FBI let her go? Wouldn’t her housekeeper, friend and especially psychiatrist deny her and The Kennedys idea and help her recover from this outrageous
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