Turning Points In My Life Essay

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As a person I am physically active during the day and I love to run. My mental state of mind is not average, I think. Sometimes I can just sit in my room and start talking to my self or most time I jus enjoy being left alone and not being bothered. My emotions are kind of mixed even on the day I wake up on the right side of the bed my emotions are funny. Since a toddler, growing up with my grandma, I enjoy going to my church New Mount Calvary Baptist Church (NMCBC). While being a member at NMCBC I was apart of the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve Plays, Female Junior Usher for a little over 2 years, and now I am part of the Junior Choir, and when older I want to be in the full choir.

I came to having these different characteristics
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To do this I simply made my own songbook. To do that I got me a composition notebook and start writing down things that I dream about, come up with a beat, and bring it up using my app and then sing the song, and finally I have my very own song that I wrote. The second major decision I made was wanting to be a Criminal Defense Lawyer, Estate Law Attorney, & Family & Divorce Lawyer. Both of my decisions will be an impact because later on in my future I will be able to at least have a degree if I further my plans to be a lawyer and if God willing I will be able to be a Singer/Songwriter also.

In preparing to become a Lawyer me as a person trying to pursue my dreams will be to get better with my people skills so that I will have more clients and not have a lot of people against me in practice. I can also use my persuading strategies to recommend people to my practice without saying bad things about other practices.

In natural learning situations I try my best to get along with everyone else or try not being the difficult one and not the one who wants to not cooperate with everyone else in the learning environment. Also in the learning environment, I admit I tent to want be the boss of everything group wise because I like to tell people what to do a

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