Describe My Friend In Malaysia

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YOUR AMERICAN PEN-PAL VISITS MALAYSIA. WHAT DO YOU DO? I have a 13 year-old pen pal named Michelle Jessica Johnson from New York City, USA. I met her through Facebook and we started chatting on weekends. We introduced ourselves to each other and we realized that we have a lot in common. Michelle is the youngest of three siblings. Her parents own an architecture company. Thus, she surely comes from a wealthy family. We have been chatting for a year now and it could be said that we are best friends as we talk and chat with each other regularly. Then, one day she told me that she really wanted to come to Malaysia because she heard that Malaysia is a beautiful country and that the people are nice and friendly. On top of that, Malaysia has many different types of cultures and traditions with many types of delicious food. I invited her to come someday. I never thought that she would actually come to Malaysia so soon and on such short notice. I was very surprised to hear the news. She mentioned that her parents were going to Kuala Lumpur for a business trip so she decided to come to Sarawak to visit me. She asked if she could stay in my hometown for a week with her 24-year-old brother, Michael Johnny Johnson. Luckily it would be during our school holiday. She wanted to have a first…show more content…
My family and I are busy doing the house chores together as a team. I start planning activities that we will do when she arrives. I am quite nervous for her arrival. Honestly, I am unable to sleep well because Michelle lives in America, which is totally different from Malaysia in terms of culture and traditions. Therefore, I am not confident that Michelle can adapt to the local weather and to the environment around us. In addition, there are thousands of questions in my mind as to how to actually entertain the foreigners. I really hope that she will like it here and be comfortable as I have done my very best to
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