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People oftentimes describe themselves by using adjectives, competitive, extroverted, and shy, for example. However, there are other ways to define oneself in ways that do not use adjectives, but rather the things that matter in one’s life. For instance, someone could identify himself or herself with music, school, and religion, as they are a few things that he or she value as a person. For me, I define myself by many things, some more trivial than the other, but the three that describe me best as a person are art, writing, and family. Without those three things, deceivingly simple to others who do not appreciate them to the same extent that I do, I would not be a completely different person. To begin, I define myself by art and the many ways…show more content…
I define myself by writing as I am generally able to write better than I speak. It is similar to art in the sense that I manage to write down ideas better than sharing them verbally. At times when I am not creating art, I enjoy writing amateur poetry or just writing randomly. While I do not share the poetry that I write with anyone, it is like a weight has been lifted off of my chest when I get the words written down as it is yet another nonverbal communication system that I use. Furthermore, not only does the writing that I create define me, but also the writing the comes in the form of books. I love to read, and I would be very lost in life without books. Books serve as an escape from reality when I need one, or when I just want to pass time. Sometimes I start a book and realize after so long that I have been reading for hours. It is very unusual for me to not have a book started, but if I do not it is most likely due to prioritizing school work over leisurely reading. Whether it be after a bad day or when I simply need some alone time, writing is a way that I communicate, and if I am not writing, I am reading someone else’s writing. Consequently, both things describe who I…show more content…
While both my sister and mom can get on my nerves at times, I know that they have good intentions and just want what is best for me; in return, I want to make both of them proud of me. They help me with making achievements and reaching where I need to be. I know if I need advice I can go to my mom or sister. They will always be there to support me, which makes them a huge part of my life. Each in their own way aided in the process of me becoming who I am today. Earlier I said that I would be lost without writing, books, and art, but without family I would be even more so lost. I was introduced to art, reading, and writing by my family. My sister reads very quickly and often; I picked up reading because I wanted to be like her. Hence, since I was little, my mom has assisted in finding who I am and who I want to become, and my sister has been a sibling who at the same time is a role model and someone I look up

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