Describe One Major Elements Of The 1920s Progressive Movement

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1. Describe one major elements of the 1920 progressive movement in the US?
One of the major element of the 1920 progressive movement is around 25 percent of employed women were office workers or telephone operators, and only 15 percent worked in domestic service, the largest female job category of the nineteenth century. Female work was no longer confined to young, unmarried white women and adult black women. In 1920, of 8 million women working for wages, one-quarter were married and living with their husbands. The working woman immigrant and native, working-class and became a professional symbol of female emancipation. Women faced special limitations on their economic freedom, including wage discrimination and exclusion from many jobs. Yet almost in spite of themselves, union leader Abraham Bisno remarked, young immigrant working women developed a sense of independence: “They acquired the right to a personality,” some- thing alien to the highly patriarchal family structures of the old country. “We enjoy our independence and freedom” was the assertive statement of the Bachelor Girls Social Club, a group of female mail-order clerks in New York.
2. How did the United States get involved in world war 1?
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World war 1 created, albeit temporary a national state with unprecedented powers a sharply increase presence in everyday American lives. Under the selective acts of May 1912. Twenty four million Americans were required to register with the draft, and the army soon swelled from 120,000 thousand to 5 million men. One hundred thousand ( 100,000) soldiers were killed during the war. The war seemed to bring in the progressive task of promoting economic rationalization, industrial justice, and a sense of common national purpose which Roosevelt desired and other progressive desired. During the war rage Roosevelt substantially, work condition improve, union membership doubled, but only last a short
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