Describe The Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Learning

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The teaching learning phase had been changed nowadays. Most learners preferred global learning system rather than the physical, rigid learning process which was used till the time. Soft copies of material, projector for audio visual conversations, blogs for knowledge sharing all these method helps students to be more interactively using social networking sites. Computers and advanced appliances make the current teaching methodologies more interesting.
E-Learning is one type of technology supported learning, where great potential is to spread knowledge worldwide. E-learning according to Markus (2008) can be defined as a learning process created by interaction with digitally delivered content, network-based services and tutoring support. E -learning is any technologically mediated learning using computers whether from a distance or in face to face classroom setting (computer assisted learning), it is a shift from traditional education or training to ICT-based personalized, flexible, individual, self-organized, collaborative learning based on a community of learners, teachers, facilitators, and experts.
Historically, there had been two common e-learning modes: distance learning and computer assisted instruction. Distance learning uses information technologies to deliver instruction to learners who are at remote locations from a central site. Computer assisted instruction (also called computer-based learning and computer based training) uses computers to aid in the delivery of
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