Describe The Benefits To Individuals Of Engaging In Learning Activities

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Describe the benefits to individuals of engaging in learning or development activities The benefits to individuals of engaging in learning activities are countless. This is something deeply true for everybody, for people with learning disabilities who, somehow, might benefit the most from those kinds of opportunities, for children and young individuals who have to learn in order to face life and actually survive, to adults because learning is the key to defeat several kinds of mental problems and to keep our brains active and in good working health. And least but not last it is an excellent activity for us, support staff and carers, because it keeps us more aware of what is going on, allow us to better understand our clients and be more compassionate towards them and furthermore, it is also through learning that we can develop new ways to help our clients and provide high quality standards care. And it also helps with the aging process and coping, if not preventing several psychological and mental health issues.
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But it something which takes place in our mind and bodies, that connects us all with our physical, social and mental world. Learning, which can occur in many ways, happens through relations and comparisons, evaluations we constantly make by interacting with the world outside us and with the world inside us. Nowadays neuroscience and biological studies it is evident that learning changes our bodies, by embodying our memories, causing chemical and physical reactions that lead to our behaviours as living relational creatures. So, for all these reasons we could consider the process of learning almost like breathing, there is no life without it.
And that why it is so important for all of
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