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Our world is so enormous that all the land there is on the earth, is divided by individual countries. Each country has their flag, anthem and other items that make them unique as a entire country.
For instance, I believe that the Canadian flag is well known for the simplicity, its colours and the maple leaf. Three different columns divide it. Two of those columns have the exact same width and the same colour that are red. The other column is white and wider because it has the maple leaf on the center of the flag.
The way I view the Canadian flag is that is simple and easy to remember. The colours capture the attention of the citizen as well as people from other countries. The red portrays Canada as a country that has the determination, strength, power and love for everyone because Canada has shown these values to the world and its citizen. Canada offers a safe environment, which citizens can live calmly. It has the strength to make the country a place to feel home to everyone, this display the meaning of the red colour. On the other hand, the white colour represents the peace, safety and humility. Since Canada is a country where they open their doors to
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One of my theories is that they want to represent one of the Canadian economies in their banner that is the maple syrup. The maple tree not only produces maple syrup, but as well produces wood, which creates numerous jobs in the country and the opportunity to export to other states. Moreover, the maple leaf portrays the equality of the provinces, since it is found in each province. These help each province to feel a part of the Canadian flag and keep the peacefulness between those provinces. My other theory why the maple leaf is red and no other colour is because when the winter is almost coming the leaf become red. In addition, this can portray Canada as a seasonal country, which shows the divergent weather that we have in

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