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Terrorism is a problem were facing worldwide especially in Turkey causing fear, affecting human peace, and danger. Terrorism means a group of people who attack another country cause of their laws, religion or disagreement. In Turkey, a terrorist attack was taken place in late June causing many injured individuals and deaths. This occurred at the international airport called Istanbul Ataturk caused by a group of terrorism. In this article, the writers Constanze Letsch and Nicky Woolf included many interviews by the witnesses who were at the airport during the attack. The reader was left heartbroken after being notified of all the tragedies that has occurred for decades. Many innocent people lives are being taken from individuals who are causing the attacks. During the time of the attack, the reader had family member who…show more content…
It informs the other readers of the attacks happening worldwide causing fear instead of human peace. Also, it notifies the community of how they are able to make a difference by praying over the affected families who lost love ones. The aftermath of massacre leaves the readers speechless because it can occur to anyone. An interview that left the reader silenced said, “One witness, whose name was given as Omar, told TRT that his brother was wounded in the explosion” (Letsch, Constanze, and Nicky Woolf). It leaves the readers in doubt about how many other stories are similar to Omar’s story about his brother. The writers executed well the truth about the story of Turkey that caused the world to pray for peace. In other words, the reader does recommend others to read this article because it contains valuable information about the terrorist attack. The article makes the reader realize how much fear and harm that is happening worldwide. It makes the readers value their life especially since other countries do not have freedom compare to the United

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