Describe The Factors That Contribute To Doodle's Death

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James Hurst’s the Scarlet Ibis is the story of a brother whose younger brother, Doodle, is disabled. He is born with a disability that causes him to develop much slower than most children his age. Brother is not happy about this, and instead, is determined to change this. Brother devises a strenuous activity program that leads to Doodle’s demise. Although there are many factors that contribute to Doodle’s death, the narrator is responsible for his invalid brother’s demise. This is certain because Brother admitted to his own guilt. For Brother understood that all his work was because he was ashamed of having a crippled brother. At the unveiling of the magnanimous feat of Doodle’s ability to walk, Brother cried not because he was overjoyed at Doodle’s accomplishments, but for his pride. Brother said, “they did not know that I did it for myself; that pride, whose slave I was, spoke to me louder than all their voices…” Brother was embarrassed at the fact that his younger brother, Doodle was disabled. When Doodle was very young, he had to stay in bed all day. During these times Brother had planned to suffocate Doodle with a pillow until his mother shouted in the joy that Doodle was “all there.” As Doodle grew older and more comprehensive, Brother…show more content…
This angered Brother, causing him to push Doodle harder. Until one day he pushed Doodle too far. A storm had abruptly arrived, as the two brothers were in Old Woman Swamp. Brother began to run, and Doodle called after him that he couldn’t keep up. Brother told him to keep going, but when Brother turned back Doodle was no longer in view. Brother ran back only to find Doodle’s dead body and scarlet-hued blood flowing from his
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