Describe The Four Basic Components Of An Information System Case Study

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Question 1
a) Describe the four basic components of an information system (IS)

Hardware: comprises the physical aspect of information system, which includes processor, operating system and media devices.
Software: includes all sets of information processing instructions.
Data: is the most important component of information is a collection of facts and figures which is processed by different procedures to obtain useful information.
People: are also one of most importance of information system which operates and control all other components of information system, they are the information system specialist .

b) Identify IS strategies that can be used to gain and sustain competitive advantage
Information system strategies to gain and sustain competitive advantage are the following:
Low cost leadership strategy: Use information systems to achieve the lowest operational costs and the lowest prices.that will make it difficult for traditinal competitors and new market entrants to match your price ,it will better works with commodities such as computers.
Product differentiation strategy: Information systems are to enable new products and services, or greatly hanged the customer convenience in using your existing products and services. A very effective use of strategic informatin systems is to create products or services so different that they create barriers for competition.
Focus on Market niches strategy: Information systems to enable a specific market

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