Describe The Four Phases In Word Recognition Development Essay

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Describe the four methods readers can use to read words. Use wording that a non-professional parent could understand.
-Decoding Strategy- It involves transforming patterns of spelling into a mixture of syllabic units and then using the readers word memory to find a similar spoken word that matches the blend of syllabic units and fits the context.

-Analogy- It is the use of parallel spelling of a word known to the reader and adjusting its pronunciation to match the letters of the unknown work.

-Prediction- Reader will use initial letters plus context cues in the reading, passage or pictures to predict what the word might be.

-Sight Words- Words that have been read before and can be read from the memory of the reader.

2. What are the four phases of word recognition development? How might a teacher or evaluator know what phase a
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3. How does the author justify her views of “phases” in word recognition development? What is your view? Provide an example from your own professional or personal experience.

4. What are the benefits the author describes of having students read aloud, especially students with decoding problems?

The author found that oral word reading strategies significantly increased vocabulary learning. A study found that reading conducted about had a significant positive impact on poor readers. In fact the benefits of reading out loud were more helpful to poor readers than good ones. Poor readers seem less inclined to decode words when they are reading silently compared to when they are reading aloud. The author suggested based off of the tests that teachers should display spellings as part of vocabulary instruction to help learning. Along with directing students to pronounce new words aloud when encountering them in
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