Personal Reflection On Lifelong Learners

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Our world has been changing rapidly, so we need to let the students learn how to be lifelong learners. Moreover, as our students are with physical disabilities and have different special needs, so we need to put effort to help them overcome difficulties and develop their potentials, with our encouragement and support, students can build up self-confidence and contribute to the society in the future. According to the document of EDB, learning to learn is very important for the student’s further development. One of the keys of learning to learn is ‘learning to read, reading to learn’, therefore promotion of a reading culture in school is very important. As I am the teacher librarian, I have the role to collaborate with the other teacher and parents…show more content…
So I would like to design the library as a place to read, to share and to learn. As our students with different special needs, some of them are needed to use the wheelchair, therefore I would like to set a large place for students form groups to study. Also movable tables and chairs can more convenient for the wheelchairs students to form study group, furniture with different textures can help to develop student’s sensory motor too. I also design to set a writable wall for the students sharing. As some students cannot write, so I will prepare some pictures for them, if they want to share, they can stick the content picture on the collaborative wall. Also, I would like to change the computer screen to larger touch screen, which can let students learn and play in a group via some interactive websites such as c-rehab resource station during the recess. They can interact with each other and construct the knowledge together. Moreover, STEM education also is the focus point of EDB, as our school has 3D printer in the computer room, so I would like to collaborate with the IT teacher. We can lead the student borrow some related books and design some figures (e.g. circular cone, pyramid) in the library during the Mathematics lesson, then students and teachers can base on the design and make a solid model by using 3D printer, the real models can enhance students to get the concept of solid geometry, and be able to make abstract mathematical concepts more concrete, also the models can be displayed in the library and attract the other students attention on the 3D

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