Describe The Importance Of Light In Plant Growth And Growth

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Growth and development of C3 and C4 plants at different light levels.

Light plays a major role in plant growth and development, because it is also a major component for photosynthesis, which is an essential process for plants to manufacture carbohydrates/sugars as their food source. Very low and exteme light conditions can negatively affect the plant growth, therefore certain amount of light is needed to be absorbed by the leaves. Result show that in the presence of high light and treatment shoot, root and leaves had the highest increase in biomass, while in in presence of low and no treatment the leaves, shoot and root had the lowest biomass. This lead to a conclusion that says light is a significant variable for the plant growth and development.

Light is essential in the process of photosynthesis, it is converted to chemical energy that fixes carbon dioxide to carbohydrates (Furbank and Taylor, 1995). Stadle (2010) reported that intensity, color and duration of light received by plant everyday will affect photosynthesis in various ways. Tardieu (2003) concluded that if plants are receiving too much light the heat produced can damage the plant cells and transpiration rate can be increased causing the plant to wilt. C3 and C4 cycles operate in dark reaction of photosynthesis, but in different cells; C4 take place in the mesophyll cells then followed by C3 cycle in the bundle sheath cells (Morison, 1983). Ehleringer and Bjorkman, (1977) reported that

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