Discussion On The Importance Of Communication To A Person

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• Make key points clear: itâ€TMs important that you make the areas of what you are saying to a person very clear and make sure that they understand what you have said to them because understanding is the key aim of communications. If you want to know whether the person you are communicating with has understood what you have said to them you can ask them to repeat or ask them questions. • Be considerate to others: when communicating with people it is important to be considerate especially children and understand that not everyone is having a good day every day, as they might be having issues outside school or issues that they donâ€TMt want to talk about. Sometimes people are sad or angry and are not in the mood to talk to you so itâ€TMs…show more content…
• Listen to others: listening to people shows them that you have respect for them and that you care about what they say and also their feelings. If a child comes to you sometimes, what they are saying might not be important but you must always show interest in them by being attentive towards them and having a positive body language when you are responding to them. This promotes respect, courtesy, and positive communications. • Remember things that are important to them: remembering certain things about a person can make a big difference. For example, if you remember a childâ€TMs birthday, it can change the way they communicate with you or feel about you. It makes them know that you care about them. It also makes them feel special. • Show respect for others: it is important that you respect the people that are around you even if they are completely different to you. You can show people that you respect them by giving them time to explain their point of view and showing them that you understand and respect their opinions, thoughts, and beliefs. You need to understand that people have rights and they can believe whatever they want and that all of those things are promoting positive

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