Describe The Importance Of Slavery In Africa

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Rebecca Govender 10w
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Essay Question: How and why do we remember slavery at the Cape?
It is vital that we remember slavery at the Cape. It is our history and gives us some answers as to why and how the Mother City has become what is today. This essay will explain how and why we remember slavery at the Cape. The following points will be discussed: when and why slaves were introduced at the Cape, where they came from, the roles they played in Cape society, the resistance of slaves, their liberation, their change of status in society after being liberated and in conclusion the lasting impact they have made on Cape culture as we know it today.
One cannot pinpoint the exact date when slavery was introduced at the cape. Slavery existed between African kings and tribes, but we can say that slavery was made ‘formal’ with Dutch colonisation of the Cape. The first Dutch settlers arrived in 1652; they sailed into Table Bay and lived at the Cape as governors of ‘Dutch territory’. They established control at the Cape by hunting the indigenous San people (as a sport) as well as forcing the Khoi people away from the Cape
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They had travelled from farm to farm in disguise as a Spanish captain, and British officers and persuaded slaves and servants to join them. Everything had seemed to be going to plan but the resistance started to grow and the news soon reached the governor of the Cape. He sent soldiers to wait just outside of Cape Town in anticipation of the rebellious group. The rebellion was soon defeated and almost all the slaves were captured, trailed and sentenced to death, including Louis of

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