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Speaking topics with follow-up questions:
1. Describe the language you like the most
• What is the name of this language?
• Where is this language spoken?
• Why do you like this language?
English language is the one I like the most. It is spoken in many countries around the world: in Great Britain, United States of America, Canada, New Zealand and others. It is also one of the official languages of India. I have been speaking this language for many years, because all my classes at school were in English. I like it because its rules are simple and it can be used everywhere as it is an international language of communication. I would like to improve my speaking and writing skills because I think that it is very important to be accepted by a good university or to search a good job – good English is a visit card of a person. It makes a person more self-confident, open and helps to establish and maintain important contacts and relations.
Follow-up questions:
1. Why are people learning foreign languages?
1. People are using foreign
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What other organizations do you know?
1. There are many other organizations that help people. I can give the example of Amnesty International which helps prisoners of conscience or United Nations Organization which aim at maintaining the world peace.
2. What is their role in the society?
2. They focus on important social issues, help people live a better life and encourage them to cooperate with each other. 3. Whom can the organization help?
3. These organizations help every person who is in need, especially people from unprivileged environment, living in war torn regions, suffering from natural disasters and different diseases.
4. Have you ever thought about volunteering for a non-governmental organization?
4. No, I have never tried, but I am planning to become a volunteer in one of NGOs working in my home city.

4. Describe your visit to a garden/ park
• Location of the garden
• When have you visited
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