Describe The Meaning Of Love

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Humans have always questioned the meaning of love. Every individual has a unique understanding of this word, be it chemicals released in our brains or the predestined string of fate, and each of these six poems – all written in different forms – explores a different type of love. Rossetti”s Remember and Browning”s My Last Duchess both include a controlling male figure, whereas A Mother in a Refugee Camp by Achebe and Sonnet 116 by Shakespeare are based on the idea of “true love”. Lastly, La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Keats and “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” by Thomas revolve around the separation of lovers. This essay will examine the diverse ways in which love has been presented in six poems from the chosen anthology. Chiefly, Christina Rossetti”s Remember is often considered to convey committed love, one that puts the other before itself. In Remember, the dying speaker, supposedly Rossetti herself, implores her lover not to forget her even after she is “gone into the silent land”. At first, the poem may appear to merely be the pleas of a persistent lover; however, concealed within the loving words, the persona”s tone is more complex than initially appears. On one hand, the poem [precisely/…show more content…
Furthermore, the meaning of “hold” could also double as “being held back”, as the persona might feel restrained and oppressed by the love of the other. Rossetti also implies this in the lines, “day by day/ You tell me of our future that you planned”. The persona’s lover is in control of both of their lives, “you” planned “our future”, and constantly reminds her of this. “Day by day” shows the repetitive nature of their love, every day repeating the same things to the point that their love has become boring and
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