Describe The Mood Of Mercutio's

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1. Describe Romeo's mood.
Romeo is in a bad mood ad Rosaline – his love – isn’t in love with him and Benvolio wishes to get Romeo out of his moody self and tells Romeo to go to the party to meet other women. Romeo – half in love and half worried – is calm even though he knows that going to the Capulets party is a bad idea and agrees to attend to party where he meets Juliet and instantly falls in love, forgetting about Rosaline. 2. Mercutio's advice to Romeo is: "If love be rough with you, be rough with love." How does his attitude towards love seem to differ from Romeo's?
Mercutio’s attitude towards love seen to differ from Romeos because his attitude is the same towards everything; simple and sometimes meaningless and is incapable of loving
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