Essay On Relationship Building With Children

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The principles of relationship building with children, young people & adults.
Making sure everyone is comfortable & at ease with each other. Engage with the person you are talking to & make your language age appropriate.
Listen and understand showing them by your tone of voice when you respond using positive body language and good eye contact. Connect with the person you are talking to so they feel you are not just hearing the words & that you understand. With children the environment they are brought up in effects their behaviour. Show them that there are boundaries & limits within a school but always make this age appropriate so they will understand. It is important they learn to consider others feelings but just as important to now forget their own feelings and emotions & how to deal with them. Effective communication rather than say getting into and argument which will only upset people and make the situation worse. By using effective & positive communication arguments can be avoided and any issues resolved. It is only natural to have these emotions, but they to dealt with in the appropriate manner.
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Some cultures will have different boundaries than other and also gestures that mean one thing in one culture can be unaccepted in another. For example in some cultures it is seen as unacceptable to look someone directly in the eye, especially and elder. Finding out things like these can help with effective communication. Showing respect to someone of another culture with help to breakdown barriers and make communication more effective. If it were a parent of a child at the school you worked in this would be very important if you needed to discuss something with them. If the English language was a problem we would need to find out who in the family the school could communicate with in the family and find out if possibly written communication would be
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