Describe The Relationship Between Antigone And Creon

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The scene is the city of Thebes and taken place in the royal palace. Antigone learns that her two brothers, Polynices and Eteocles, are dead and only Eteocles would be buried. Antigone’s uncle Creon ordered Polynices’ body be left untouched after he fought against the people of Thebes. Knowing this Antigone risks her life to give Polynices a proper burial and gets caught in doing so. When caught, Antigone was sentenced to death by Creon. Throughout the play Antigone and Haemon urge Creon to reconsider his law and see that his views are not always right and a wise man considers others views and ideas as well. Antigone asks her sister if she would join her mission to bury their brother Polynies, knowing that if they were to be caught they would

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