Describe The Relationship Between Athens And Pharaoh

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Noah: God created man kind but later decided that we have become to corrupt. So he wiped us off the earth. But he chose one righteous man named Noah to build a ark. God gave him instructions to build it big enough for his family and a pair of every animal. Then God sent a flood to kill mankind. After God created a covenant with Noah stating that he would never wipe mankind off the earth again.

Moses: Moses was put in the river by his mother to save his life from pharaoh. Moses was found and adopted by the daughter of pharaoh. After living in Pharaohs palace, he saw a Israelite slave being beat up and he killed the Egyptian guard beating him up. The he was banished. After God spoke to him through a burning bush, telling him to save his people from Pharaoh. After pharaoh denied Moses, God sent 10 plagues, Water to Blood, frogs, lice, flies, Livestock Diseased, boils, hail, locust, darkness, Death of the firstborn. This is when pharaoh let Gods people free, but then pharaoh was very angry and chased the Israelites to the Red Sea were God separated it to let his people through.

Rahab: Rahab was inside the walls of Jericho, two spies went in to figure out a way to get in, while doing so they got caught by guards looking for
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God visited Samson’s parents through an angel to tell them that Samson would carry out what God wanted from birth. Samson had to take a special vow to keep his strength he could eat unclean food and he could cut his hair, also could not be by a dead body. But Samson broke most of these vows throughout his life. The philistines wanted to kill Samson but did not know where he was so they started to kill Israelites until they found him. He was ties up in ropes then he broke the ropes and escaped. Then Samson met Delilah but Delilah back stabbed Samson for money, she cut his hair off and the Philistines blinded him, he asked God for strength he gave it to Samson and Samson killed the
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