Describe The Relationship Between Ecous And Post-Ebola Virus

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Dr. Ian Crozier, is a doctor that volunteered to help those infected in West Africa. Crozier later went on to be infected by the same virus he helped treat, he is a survivor of the deadly virus Ebola. Soon after being released from treatment he began to have symptoms, including severe back pain, hearing loss,seizures, and tinnitus. The most conspicuous complication was his serious eye problem, it caused him to have blurry vision, see halos around objects,feel pressure and pain in his left eye, and even changed his eye color. The strangest part of all this was that even after 100 days of being released from the hospital, the virus was still attacking his eyes, thankfully he could not pass the virus through mellow contact. It is unclear how the virus is able to remain unseen in particular parts of the body without being identified by the immune system. Crozier hopes that doctors will develop ways to diagnose and treat people who have post-Ebola symptoms and I agree because people need to be helped especially those who have conquered this horrendous virus.…show more content…
With more research and studies scientists and doctors will be able to develop ways to treat people with such symptoms. I believe research still needs to be done, but I am sure when doctors and scientists find a cure it will help numerous people greatly change their ways of living. I am not sure if it changes the way we look at old evidence because the article does not state whether scientists/doctors had any information on patients who suffered with horrid symptoms after being declared Ebola free. Hopefully, scientists/doctors will find a suitable way to help those who are
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