Describe The Relationship Between Edmund And Juliar

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Edmund is feeling lonely and confused in the position where he is right now. He feels like he should not allow his fate giving by the gods to dictate the course of his life. He does not want to feel oppressed from obtaining that which he desires because he is as well rounded and as good as his brother Edgar, the legitimate son. In the second way of performing this monologue, Edmund will be having a low pitch because it will demonstrate a lack of enthusiasm which reflects back to Edmund feeling lonely and confused. Edmund says, “[…] my mind as generous, and my shape as true, as honest madam’s issue? Why brand they us with base?” We are able to see that Edmund believes that he is just as smart and good looking as Edgar, then he questions why is he being label as a bastard? Why is he being deprived of legal rights as a son of Gloucester? Why do people think that he is inferior to Edgar? Why does his father love Edgar more…show more content…
At the same time, Edmund is also being sincere, when he delivers his final words because he is speaking from his heart. His final words in the monologue are, “[…] Well then, legitimate Edgar, I must have your land, our father’s love is to the bastard Edmund, […] I grow, I prosper. Now gods stand up for the bastards.” Edmund will be having a slightly higher pitch, when he says, “I grow, I prosper” because he is finally perceiving his happy ending in a life that until then has only being a tragedy. He can also be a little bit pitiful, when he says, “our father’s love is to the bastard Edmund” because this demonstrates that the only thing he has ever wanted is to be recognize and love by his father. Edmund is sad that the fate giving to him is the one of a bastard. He calls upon the gods to stand up now for bastards by helping him achieve his
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