Describe The Relationship Between Hestia And Thebes

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The two city-states of Thebes and Athens have always been rivals. They share a border in the southeast part of Greece. Along the border of the rival cities are farms and homes of peaceful people. The people that lived there didn’t care if someone was from Thebes or Athens. They commenced with each other honestly and peacefully. The goddess Hestia thrived in this land. Hestia being the goddess of the hearth, home, family, and domesticity found great joy in being with people who value their family and friends over nationality. No god, goddesses, or human can deny Hestia’s kindness and peaceful nature. She is beloved and respected by all the gods.

Unfortunately, the powerful rulers of Thebes and Athens hatred grew for one another. The ruler of Thebes seeing that the border between Thebes and Athens isn´t clearly defined, saw a perfect opportunity to gain land. He sent soldiers to the border to claim and protect a part of Athens´ land. When this was done a messenger of Athens went to the king to report. Erichthonius was the king of Athens and was raised by Athena. When Erichthonius learned about what Thebes´ king, Polydorus did he went to Athena´s temple to ask for advice on how to get the land back and revenge.
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Ares, the god of war and violence saw everything that was happening and was proud that Thebes took the land. He believed that if you want something you should fight for it. He also enjoys the chaos and the violence in war. ¨The land rightfully belongs to Thebes, and deserve it for protecting it.¨ Ares said when he saw Athena´s anger. ¨ You and I both know that the land is Athens territory and it is silly to think that the Thebesian army can stand against the Athenian army." Athena

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