Describe The Relationship Between Ishmael Beah And Muhammad Saeeded

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The ability to cope with different environments immediately is what few people possess therefore many people suffer from a change in environment. Ishmael Beah and Muhammad Saeed, both had to deal with massive changes in the environment, leading to having many negative experiences. My situation was relatively identical to theirs. After suffering for many years I found a way to help me cope with a different or challenging environment.
I was in Pakistan for all my life, it was a magnificent place nevertheless, many people consider it as a third world country. Most of my family and some of my friends live there. Overall life was satisfactory, but my family was in need of change. For ages, I had no idea that we were moving to Canada because my parents did a great job keeping it a secret. During the last month in Pakistan, all my immediate family came from wherever they were. The last day of us living in Pakistan, I gave my farewells and with my parents and two brothers we
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Saeed said in the Interview with Muhammad Saeed, “When taking a risk the person should be ready to accept the best and the worst scenario” (Saeed), in my case, I wasn’t ready for the worst scenario when taking the risk to come to Canada. Being only mentally prepared for a straightforward life I was quickly overwhelmed as soon as I joined my first school. I was placed in grade 6, even though I was only in grade 5 in Pakistan. Shortly after I had to do tests and assignments, the teaching style, the method of assessment, and basically everything was different compared to Pakistan. I performed poorly for the first few assessments, I was shocked from this result because I was always a “straight A” student in Pakistan and I wasn’t used to anything lower. Always thinking that, it will take time getting used to the teaching system, and that my parents would understand I did not fear much. Although my parents were also coping with settling in Canada, so I did not want them to worry about

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