Describe The Relationship Between Lancelot And Guinevere

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A look into the private affair of Lancelot and Guinevere. Lancelot, King Arthur’s greatest companion. Guinevere the wife of Arthur. Lancelot and Guinevere’s relationship was full of betrayal, death, and sacrifice. Although no one, not even Guinevere was aware, Lancelot was developed a liking to her. He would continuously flirt her with her when ever he was given the opportunity. Guinevere ignored his flirting because she knew a relationship between them was forbidden but, in the end she could not resist his charm.
The relationship between Lancelot and Guinevere was rather unfortunate, heartbreaking, and miserable. Beginning with events that lead up to their liaison. Along, with how their relationship was and ended. Drawing to a near close incorporating a segment that clarifies the parallels of Romeo and Juliet between Lancelot and Guinevere. Being one of the extraordinary in King Arthur's round table. Lancelot was dependable, intelligent, powerful and marvelous. Regrettably he managed to fall in love with Queen Guinevere. Although she could not withstand his desirability and they became paramours. Since they were lovers the relationship had to remind a secret. Sir Meliagaunt however
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First of all both of the relationships were forbidden in which cases the relied on for it to remain a secret. Lancelot and Romeo have snuck in to spent numerous nights in the females chambers the only difference is that Lancelot got caught one of the times. When the men would get confronted for the relationship it would turn into a duel with and the opponent get killed. The women were forced to be with men that they did want nothing to do with anymore. Juliet with the Count Paris and Guinevere had Sir Arthur plus the husband she left King Arthur. Romeo & Guinevere were sentence to be killed in dramatic ways. Romeo would of been sentenced to exile while Guinevere could of gotten burned to
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