Describe The Relationship Between Manoah And His Wife

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Manoah was a man who came from the tribe of Dan and he lived in a town called Zorah with his wife. Manoah and his wife were not able to have children. They would have spent their entire life together without children until an angel of the Lord came to Manoah 's wife one day and said, "I know you cannot have children but I am telling you that you will have a son."
The angel of the Lord also gave her very specific instructions to follow and told her that she had to be careful and not drink things like wine and not to eat anything that was dirty and not blessed. The angel of the Lord also said that her son could not cut his hair because he was going to be a very special person for God. He was going to be a Nazirite and start bringing back Israel from the Philistines. The people of Israel had been very bad and God let the Philistines look after the people of Israel so that they would stop doing all the evil things they were doing.
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She was afraid of the angel saying that "he looked like a very fearsome angel of God." She told Manoah that she didn 't ask where the angel had come from or what his name was because she was so scared. She also told Manoah about the son they would have and the very special instructions that the angel of the Lord had given her.
Manoah wanted to know what else he should do for his son who was going to be born so he prayed to the Lord, saying "Lord, please send the angel back to us so that he can teach us what we should do." God listened to the voice of
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