Describe The Relationship Between Max And Nala

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Nala and Max were living in Austin. Starting a new life together, without being judged about their relationship. The happy couple was convinced that a new start in a new place would change everything. Nala hoped that the past would not affect their future. She wished they could one day get married and have children like any other normal couple. They wanted to escape from all the judgmental people, surrounding them back home in McAllen. Nala was very thankful to Austin “the city of love and acceptance” she called it, that she wanted to write a book. A novel about her and Max and all they had to face to move to a new place for love. Nala was very passionate about her idea of writing her love story. As that idea grew more and more in her head. Persuading herself it would be a success. She was ready to tell Max about the book. Max is a very privet man. He had to, to be able to survive living in a white community and Max being African American. Not everyone was found of him being with a white American woman back at home. Not understanding why Nala would want to replay all the challenges they had to face to be able to be together. But seeing how happy she was about the book he but his feeling aside and approve. Nala went down to her favorite coffee shop to clear her mind. To remember all…show more content…
Now that the relationship was getting more serious and our senior year was coming to an end I thought it was time for my man to meet the family. My parents are great people I was not worried. Later on finding out I was wrong not to. When Max arrived at the house my parent could not except his color they kept asking what made him come and why he stayed if he had no friends. Never have I been ashamed in my mother and father then in that moment I could not stand anymore. It was unbearable to see my own parents not be able to see how happy he makes me feel because the were stuck in seeing his

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