Describe The Relationship Between Us And Russia

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For many years the United States and Russia have shared relationships however, some were friendly and some may have been hostile. Americans could learn a lot about Russia if they would take the time to educate themselves with the culture of their country. Some characteristics that define culture could be language, religion, politics, and social structure. In doing this the relationship between Russia and the United States can be strengthened in the near future. Over the years, there are no reliable facts that the United States and Russia will continue to strengthen their relationship. It is imperative that we understand there way of life to preserve any future relationships. Showing an interest in where the Russian culture originated from can increase our chances of a great relationship. The United States claims to be a powerful military force in the world however, Russia is not far behind. They are the owners of multiple strategic assets and hold the world’s only deployed road mobile Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) brigades.

Russian Culture and Relationships Culture is very much like a clock. A clock runs smoothly when all its small pieces work together simultaneously, but without all the pieces, the clock would not be a functional object. Culture is defined
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As early as the 19th century when Russia actually owned what we know today as Alaska, the United States was involved with contributing factors that aided the Russian people. One major humanitarian act from the United States came during the early 1920’s when Russia faced a famine of food resources that resulted in the deaths of over 10 million people who starved to death. One other bonding moment in this building relationship is when Russia and the United States combined its forces against a common enemy during
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