Essay On The Rhetorical Situation

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Based on the readings and videos that you read/watched during week one, how would you describe “rhetoric”? What is “the rhetorical situation” and how do you see an awareness of this concept affecting your writing and behaviors? The word “rhetoric” is considered as the art of using language effectively and persuasively in any form of communication. So, it is omnipresent in our life. If you perceive carefully, you will recognize it. Further, you can find that it deeply influences your writing. To illustrate, reading a great number of rhetoric contents allows you to accumulate the knowledge of writing. It also serves as a great training for the writer to use the strategies, such as proving with the confirmed recourse, in order to make one become a credible writer. • Describe a recent writing experience or activity where you used rhetoric to effectively convey a message to a specific audience? What was the purpose of the message? Who was the audience? How did you go about appealing to that audience? In my personal experience, I had designed the health care fact sheet for …show more content…

Moreover, I held the health education for them and helped them learn to use the blood sugar monitor correctly. I also presented several examples to explain the seriousness of exacerbating diabetes. Patients will have many complications, such as diabetic retinopathy, diabetic cardiomyopathy, diabetic nephropathy and etc. Furthermore, I demonstrated how the blood sugar monitors work face to face. Make them understand that it is very useful and convenient for them to know well their blood sugar level, what is more, to control their health at any

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